MediScanID ~ The Modern Medic Alert System


What is MediScanID?


MediScanID is a modern version of the traditional medical alert bracelet but with additional features. It is a self-managed service which means the user has total control over their personal profile allowing the user to decide how much and what information they want to display.



Why  do the advertising flyers, packaging and instruction inserts refer to "First 12 months FREE  subcription"?


MediScanID was originally a subcription based site. We recently decided to offer the helmet stickers free and depend only on donations to support the operation and maintenance of the site as well as help cover the delivery costs. 


How Do I create New MyID User Profile


Click Here for Instructions



How does MediScanID work?


MediScanID medical emergency information can be accessed in three ways.


Method 1 - Scanning the QR code on the sticker with a 3G smart phone with QR Code scanning capabilities. Most modern smartphones have this capability but most require a QR scanning app to be installed. Many are freely available on the web.


Method 2 - Enter the MediScanID web site URL and append the MyID number to the


Both methods will automatically display the patients critical medical alert and emergency contact information.



How do I create a MediScanID personal profile?


The MediScanID device must be registered before the user can create a personal profile.



Step 1 : Go to and find “Register New MediScanID” on the right side of the home page.

Step 2 : Enter your MediScan MyID  printed on sticker and Pin# located on left edge of sticker.

Step 3 : If you agree, accept the terms and conditions and press Register.

Step 4 : A new window will be presented. Enter your name, email and a new password. Press Submit.

Step 5 : Check your email inbox for an activation email from MediScanID and click on the activation URL. You can also copy this URL to your browser. NB: Check your junk mail if you cannot find the email.

Step 6 : Login and configure your profile.

Step 7 : Test by scanning your own Helmet Sticker QR code.

NB: You must have a QR Scanning app installed on your mobile device. Many are free on the web or visit our QR Code Scanner page for more information.

Step 8: Try and place the sticker on a flat area of the helmet to optimise the camera scanning capability.




What is QR Code technology?


Short for “Quick Response code,” QR codes are square barcodes first developed in Japan. Unlike traditional UPC barcodes, which are made up of a number of horizontal lines, a QR code can be captured more quickly and can contain more information.


A QR Code is like a link, a web URL. All you need is a smart phone like an Android, Blackberry or iPhone that has a QR Code reader installed in it. A QR Code reader is necessary to ‘read’ the QR Code. QR Code reader apps are freely available on the web. Click the menu link above "QR Code Scanners" for a few examples.



What if the first responder does not have an QR Code enabled smart phone?


MediScanID emergency medical and contact information is accessible from any Phone, PC or Laptop that has an internet connection. By entering the web address ( and the MyID located on the MediScanID sticker the first responder will have access to the same information provided by scanning the QR Code.




How much does MediScanID cost?


This a free website that relies on donations from people like you to keep the site running.


If you would like to donate, please click on the DONATE button on the home page.




How secure is my personal information?


Access to editing your personal profile page is very secure. However, you must be aware that anyone who has access to your MediScanID MyID number is able to view the information you choose to publish. Therefore, it is not advisable to capture any ID, passport, banking information or passwords etc. For security reasons, the MediScanID user profile page does not provide fields for this information. We do however advise that you provide your medical aid information.




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