MediScanID has a number of useful applications other than for people with medical allergies or conditions. Anyone who might need to provide vital medical or contact information in an emergency situation, whether you are concerned that your child might become lost in a shopping centre or lost while vacationing on the beach, a child who has a bee allergy, your parent who suffers from heart complication, a sportsman or women, or an outdoor adventurer, every day you are exposed to situations that could render you unable to communicate in an emergency situation.


MediScanID Medical Alert system is able to store all your vital information that is instantly accessible by first responder's and paramedics so that they can make informed decisions about how to treat you. Examples include....


Medical Conditions


Anyone who has a hidden a medical condition or who takes chronic medication or who has had any type of implant such as a pacemaker, heart valve, organ transplant, joint replacement etc, should wear a MediScanID device. Examples include:


Rare Blood Type
Pacemaker / Heart Complications
Organ Transplant
Hearing Impaired
High / Low Blood Pressure
Previous Stroke
Paraplegic / Quadriplegic




Bee Stings


Motorcyclists and Cyclists


Among all the vehicles on our roads, motorcycles and cyclists are amongst the most vulnerable. According to statistics, motorcyclist and cyclists are 35 times more likely to have a fatal accident than passenger vehicles.


Wearing a MediScanID wristband or a MediScanID sticker on your helmet you will have comfort knowing that in the event of an accident first responders will have access to your vital emergency information.



Sport and Outdoor Adventure


Cycling / Mountain Cycling / BMX
Motor Cross
Off-road Adventure Motorcycling
Horse Riding
Jogging / Marathon Running
Ice Hockey
Scuba Diving
Water Skiing




Any child who walks or rides a bicycle should wear a MediScanID wristband or MediScanID sticker on their helmet.


If your child gets hurt on the playground, their emergency medical and contact details are usually filed away which may take a long time to locate. With MediScanID, their emergency medical and contact details are always readily available.


If your child plays sport for the school they might get injured at an away game located at a different school. Their emergency details will usually not be immediately available. With MediScanID, their emergency medical and contact details are always readily available.


Shopping Centres


MediScanID is also helpful if your child becomes lost in a shopping centre. Shopping centre security can contact you immediately rather than having to wait for you to eventually locate their security office. This wasted time is very traumatic and stressful for a small child.


School Tours & Outings


Students tours both within South Africa and international. Have the assurance that no matter where in the world your child is, as long as there is an internet connection, their emergency medical and contact details are immediately available at all time.


If all the student's on a school tours wear a MediScanID, the teacher or chaperone no longer needs to carry bulky files with each students emergency medical and contact information.




While on vacation either locally or internationally, wearing a MediScanID will give you piece of mind that should you find yourself in an emergency situation, first responders will have immediate access to your medical alert information as well as your families emergency contact information anywhere in the world.


While holidaying at the beach, your child gets lost or injured. Life guards can contact you immediately rather than waiting for you to eventually find your way to the life guard office.




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